Expertly selected and served by passionate, knowledgeable staff ~ our Cheese & Charcuterie counter is an essential destination. Choose from a wide selection of cheese sourced from all corners of the globe, with a diverse variety of delicious cheeses, from Cow, Buffalo, Sheep, and Goat’s milk. We also have a large selection of French, Spanish, and Italian cheeses including Manchego, Mozzarella and Roquefort to name but a few.

Enjoy our fine selection of Salami, Prosciutto, Pancetta & Hams at our Charcuterie Counter ~ all sliced to your specifications. Stocking a large assortment of Spanish, Italian, & Australian Sausages as well as non-Pork items, there is a choice to suit everyone!

Lastly, enjoy our delicious Olives and Antipasto specialities all available to your discerning taste.